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Trial Moderator Application - Raffas.

Name: Raffas
InGame /stats pic:
[Image: uzwv8QH.png]
Why do you want to become an admin: I want to help the community to grow more and be very active, punishing hackers and players who break some kind of rule. So giving my great potential to this incredible server that I like to play, you guys from the GFMP team have a good job! I am loving playing here.
Have you ever been an admin before?: Yes, in another servers of SA-MP but here in GFMP never.
Have you read the rules from our DISCORD server channel named(#Welcome)? - [YES/NO]: Yes
Motivation: My real name is Rafael, I'm here to want to be a good trial moderator, I have a friend in the community called Rickard0 who is a great player and dear administrator. About me I am a friendly and mature person, I understand the rules of the server in general. I am still in high school but this is my last year and I will finish. I still don't work but I'm delivering resumes to see if I can get a job soon. I'm 17 years old and I'm Brazilian. That's all, Director, I'm sorry for my English. Thank you so much!
] gC [ GangsterS Criminals


] p S [ - PredatorS Shooters



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